segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008

The secretary of the Union of Housekeepers and Cleaners was attacked with sulfuric acid !

Konstantina Kuneva is a Bulgarian migrant worker in Athens. She is also the secretary of the Union of Housekeepres and Cleaners. On the 24th of December, she has been attacked with sulfuric acid in front of her home by two men. She has been admitted in a hospital in a critical condition. She has burns on her face, head, hands and back and there is a possibility that she will lose her sight.
It is suspected that the attack is a punishment for her strong union activity. The Union is one of the most active workers’ unions within what euphemistically is called precarious labour: in other words, Konstantina is a migrant and a severely underpaid and unprotected worker, who decided to join a union in order to struggle against the inhuman conditions imposed to her and her fellow workers.
Behind the attack are her employers and their heavies, who have been threatening Konstantina and other women for their activity in the union.
Konstantina is one of us. Her struggle for dignity and solidarity is also our struggle.
The attack on Konstantina has left a mark in all our hearts. It has left a mark in our memory as have done the racist pogroms, the concentration camps for immigrants, the attacks by thugs working for the state, the workplace accidents, the people murdered by the state, the working conditions that resemble galleys, the purges, the lay-offs and the terror. All these show the long way ahead for the social and class struggle.

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